Cannabis Expo

The CNBS Cannabis Expo will take place in the “Messe Dortmund” from 03rd –05th of May 2019.


The CNBS conference with presentations and relevant discussions of national and international experts on cannabis.


Good music with live concert and DJ, a few (non-alcoholic) drinks and relaxed discussions at food stands – that’s the plan.

About CNBS

CNBS is a fair for cannabis & hemp.

The product range extends from A for external applications, cosmetics, food supplements to Z for cigarettes with CBD, which help against nausea and have an anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. CNBS does not want to serve clichés, but with its exhibitors, speakers and lectures on medical-therapeutic benefits it wants to provide a comprehensive picture that contributes to destigmatisation.

    CNBS Magazine

    In our blog we report, currently only in german, about the CNBS hemp fair, also about general topics & news around cannabis.

    1. November 2018

    Israelische Forschung: THC wirkt

    Entgegen der Behauptung, Cannabis bewirke nur, dass man sich besser fühle und lindere keine Schmerzen,...

    20. October 2018

    Cannabis in Kanada: Legalisierung

    In Kanada wurde nun endlich das erreicht, was in Deutschland seit Jahren erfolglos versucht wird....

    15. October 2018

    Was bedeutet das Wahlergebnis

    Bislang wurde eine Legalisierung von Cannabis aus politischer Richtung strikt abgelehnt. Mit der Landtagswahl in...